Distributor fork
A job for specialists: Die Enteisungsmittel-Anlage am Flughafen München.

Up, up and away with KTT-SAXS

Munich Airport places its trust in the expert for special systems.

KTT-SAXS keeps the de-icing sytem for the apron and the runway as well as the filling station for ground vehicles at Munich Airport in great condition. A partnership that goes back to the founding of the airport in the nineties – after all, the very first plants and systems were set up by our professionals for special systems.
Reacting quickly and flexibly  – that is also the credo of the newest scion of the Kremsmueller Group. The maintenance team of KTT-SAXS noticed, during the monthly servicing procedure, that a new de-icing agent attacked the steel pipes. Without further ado, after discussion with the customer, the plant got replacement stainless steel piping. Since then, the de-icing agent is fed to the tankers via the distributor forks without any problems. These tankers then distribute the fluid over the runways of the airport.
There are almost 400,000 take-offs and landings at Munich Airport every year. That they also take place safely is something that passengers can count on thanks to the reliability of KTT-SAXS.
Special plant construction – an important pillar in the range of services at KTT-SAXS. But COO Stefan Dzierzon would like to see growth in other areas as well: "Airport systems construction is a market niche that still offers us a lot of potential", he says.
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Munich Airport
Maintenance work at the operations filling station. This is how the ground vehicles of the airport are safely supplied with fuel.