We accompany you in plant construction.

Our competencies for the whole lifecycle

Anyone who wants to service a plant from the initial idea, through project planning and implementation, to smooth operation and planned plant end, needs a wide range of expertise. As a team, our employees cover the wide range of necessary expertise and experience. We are there for your plant with state-of-the-art technology and top motivation. In every phase of life.


Your first idea on the test bench.

In the beginning there are first ideas. Innovative approaches for a new plant, backed up by concepts and feasibility studies. The studies provide information as to whether the ideas can be used to develop a plant project that is viable from both a technical and an economic point of view.

Already at this early stage in the project cycle, the foundation stone is laid for the successful implementation of the entire project. A well-founded pre-project phase ensures that market requirements are comprehensively clarified and solutions for technical challenges are proactively developed. Profitability calculations determine whether the project can also be given the green light from a commercial point of view.


From the idea to the finished project plan.

Our basic engineering and detail engineering make the project idea so concrete, that the plant can be released for realisation. Our ultimate goal is to commission the plant at the highest possible level of quality, as cost-effectively and as quickly as possible.

A wide range of specialist areas and competences from our company and, if required, proven external partners work on the best possible implementation scenarios for your plant. They include process engineering designs, feasibility studies regarding materials, official approvals, budget planning, professional project management and much more.

  • Approval planning and submissions to the authorities
  • Process planning
  • Plant planning
  • Piping planning
  • I&C technology planning
  • Procurement engineering
  • Project controlling
  • Project management
  • Installation planning
  • Commissioning planning


Our combined strength in implementation.

The decision on implementation has been taken. Your plant will be built according to all rules of technology. The advantage for you: With us, all trades come from one source. In high quality and optimally coordinated by our project management.

Our specialist departments ensure that your plant is built as planned. They have extremely competent employees with a wide range of know-how and many years of experience, as well as the best possible technical equipment to build your plant.


Keep your plant maximally productive, fit and future-proof.

Your plant has gone into operation. For optimal production processes, we offer you a wide range of industrial services that can be tailored to your wishes and requirements. From the provision of personnel, specific services to the assumption of overall responsibility for maintenance of the plant.

Market requirements change. Ideally, your plant will change accordingly. Conversions, adaptations, modernisations, optimisations, individualisations and even digitalisation of production processes can increase production key figures, improve quality parameters, reduce costs and save energy.

  • Planning and execution of inspection and standstill works.
  • Maintenance of production plants
  • Servicing of electrical and measurement engineering systems
  • Anticipatory maintenance
  • Ongoing maintenance work
  • Repairs
  • Spare parts management
  • Service bases near you
  • Relocation of machines or entire plants


Time for the next generation

Your plant has reached the end of its life cycle. Time to herald the next plant generation. Several scenarios are possible here.

  • Replacement of the plant with a plant with new technology
  • Fundamental renovation of the plant
  • Dismantling and rebuilding at another location
  • Scrapping and/or recycling

We can advise and accompany you in the planning and implementation of these latter steps, which can simultaneously initiate the start of a new plant project.

Technologically state-of-the-art and economically worthwhile. The start into a new plant generation has to be well evaluated. Once again, at the start, there are initial ideas that must be examined for technical and commercial feasibility by technical personnel. The circuit closes with the concept phase of a new plant project. The next life cycle begins, which we will once again accompany with our expertise and experience.