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5G in a Wind Tunnel top news
5G in a Wind Tunnel
The Kremsmüller telecommunications technology team in Schwechat has tested 5G mobile radio antennas in a wind tunnel.
New evaporation plant for Agrana top news
New evaporation plant for Agrana
Kremsmüller process technology supplied the engineering power for the large-scale project
Kremsmüller Process Engineering at the Powtech in Nuremberg
Kremsmüller Process Engineering at the Powtech in Nuremberg
The thin-film dryer perfectly staged
Kremsmüller was the only industrial plant manufacturer present at the Powtech 2019. Nevertheless, our attendance was absolutely justified, with the thin-film dryer from the field of process engineering being an excellent contribution to the pertinent subject! To put this center stage as effectively as possible, a “holographic” presentation was shown at the booth which was well received by the public and caused many visitors to linger at the fair stand. The hologram can be watched in the video linked above, which also offers interesting insights on our trade fair appearance and presents an interview with Gregor Kremsmüller! At the end of the day, attending the Powtech 2019 was a big success for Kremsmüller. Some excellent contacts could be made which have already entailed the submission of tenders. Thank you to the dedicated and friendly trade fair team for their work!
July 2019
Superlative Containers for Borealis Schwechat
Superlative Containers for Borealis Schwechat
A separate motorway exit was even constructed for transportation
Again and again huge components depart the Kremsmüller production halls. As a result, extremely complex and demanding special transport operations are frequently called for. A particularly sophisticated transport has now hauled two 90 tonne containers, each 4.1 metres in diameter, from Kremsmüller in Steinhaus to Borealis in Schwechat. A new motorway exit even had to be constructed at the destination to allow the huge containers to pass safely. The containers themselves also offer a certain degree of ingenuity. Boasting a double-walled design, they are actually a container within a container, with an intermediate space of 12 millimetres. A coating of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) with a minimum thickness of 2 millimetres was applied to form the shell. The containers will be completely buried horizontally in the ground at their destination to guarantee constant climatic storage conditions. Florian, our foreman in the workshop, can be justifiably proud of the work of his crew. Impressive components and a splendid project, completed by our employees to the customer's complete satisfaction! To the image gallery here
June 2019
All the apprentices are now on board!
All the apprentices are now on board!
Apprentices are our future. Kremsmüller understands this and that is why we were actively represented at many trade fairs in the autumn. Once again we had a stand at this year's Young People's Career Fair (Jugend & Beruf) in Wels, and we also made our début at the Apprentice Fair in the Equine Centre of Stadl-Paura. The response was impressive. A large number of students and teachers visited our stands to gather information about the training opportunities offered by Kremsmüller. They expressed great enthusiasm for the diverse fields of activity and showed their keenness by asking many interesting questions. Our efforts paid off. We were able to fill all our vacant apprenticeships with promising, congenial young talents who will start their careers with us at the beginning of September. We are very excited about this and are greatly looking forward to the new apprentices who we hope will thoroughly enjoy their time at Kremsmüller.
May 2019
Kremsmüller4Life Sponsors Social Project in India
Kremsmüller4Life Sponsors Social Project in India
Our social project Kremsmüller4Life is always on the lookout for meritorious and worthy projects all over the world. As a result, we are now sponsoring a Steyler Missionary project in India and have set up a production plant for affordable feminine hygiene. Thanks to Kremsmüller4Life’s social commitment, at least 6 women have been given jobs, numerous door-to-door saleswomen have an additional income and countless women have access to affordable feminine hygiene products. This particular topic has become extremely familiar in India as a result of the Bollywood blockbuster "Padman". There is a link to a trailer of the film at the top of the slider of this article. In the production plant built by Kremsmüller, sanitary towels are now being produced using the cost-effective method of the real "Padman", Arunachalam Muruganantham. Each year, three projects are selected and sponsored by the Kremsmüller4Life funding programme. More information about Kremsmüller4Life and the submission of projects can be found here:
May 2019
The Largest Container Ever Built by Kremsmüller
The Largest Container Ever Built by Kremsmüller
The largest tank ever constructed by us was erected in Lower Austria. The data alone are impressive: 40 metres in diameter, 17.5 metres in height and a total weight of 365 tons. A tank with these dimensions is not manufactured as a whole, but in so-called "shots", i.e. individual elements (rings). These are then deployed one by one. To do this, 40 hydraulic jacks positioned around the container lift it by 2.5 meters, after which a new "shot" is inserted. Each of these "shots" in turn consists of many sub-segments. A total of more than 32 consignments were required to deliver all the components of the tank. Kremsmüller has already built many large containers and tanks, some with a diameter of 24 or 26 metres, but the 40 metre diameter of the new tank and its capacity of approximately 22,000 m³ set new records. The embedded video above presents some impressions of this remarkable tank.
April 2019
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