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Economic efficiency and environmental performance of our industrial plants top news
Economic efficiency and environmental performance of our industrial plants
For the past year GLACONCHEMIE has been using a ThermoDec facility from Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) and Kremsmüller. A short overview of the economic efficiency and environmental performance of the industrial facility:
Cool apprentice days in the country top news
Cool apprentice days in the country
Our new training concept APPRENTICESHIP + incorporates "more community" as one of its three main components. The apprentice days will definitely make an ideal contribution to fulfilling this goal.
Kremsmüller launches "APPRENTICESHIP+" at the Youth and Career trade fair in Wels
Kremsmüller launches "APPRENTICESHIP+" at the Youth and Career trade fair in Wels
APPRENTICESHIP+ from Kremsmüller at the "Youth and Career 2019" trade fair in Wels. Everything you need to know about apprenticeships, training and careers at Kremsmüller at Booth 99 in Hall 20 – drop by and pay us a visit!
The new training programme "APPRENTICESHIP+" offered by Kremsmüller will be launched in October at the "Youth & Career" 2019 trade fair. APPRENTICESHIP+ is based on three main components, which together ensure a perfect start to professional life! Please come and visit us at the "Youth & Career" trade fair from 2 to 5 October 2019 at the Wels exhibition centre. At Booth 99 in Hall 20 we will provide you with everything you need to know about APPRENTICESHIP+ and consequently your best start in life! We have also prepared some challenges for you. So be curious! Here you can download an interactive plan of the trade fair so that you won't have any trouble finding us. You can find all details about apprenticeships and training as well as contact details of the Human Resources Management team here.
September 2019
5G in a Wind Tunnel
5G in a Wind Tunnel
The Kremsmüller telecommunications technology team in Schwechat has tested 5G mobile radio antennas in a wind tunnel.
What is 5G? 5G is a new communication standard, with speeds 20 times faster than the current LTE standard. The short latency time is particularly important for industrial applications. In an emergency, an autonomous vehicle that can evaluate data at 5G speed can trigger a braking manoeuvre within one centimetre of travel distance (!) at 100 km/h. In a situation like this, a human being travels 28 METERS due to his reaction time! A real safety asset that will save many lives! But 5G also makes medical applications possible. For example, before a patient arrives at the hospital, doctors receive spatial images of a probe from the paramedic in real time. 5G is the future and Kremsmüller is proud to be making its contribution to the next technological quantum leap! Why Tests in a Wind Tunnel? 5G will not replace 4G or LTE, but merely supplement them in the initial step. Thus, additional 5G antennas will be mounted on existing mobile radio antennas. These weigh around 70 kg, are up to 2 metres high, and thus offer the wind additional, large areas of impact. Structural engineers must therefore decide whether the existing supporting structures are strong enough, whether the foundations need to be reinforced, or even whether a new mast should be erected. The basis for such decisions are the values obtained from the wind tunnel test, where speeds of up to 150 km/h affect the antenna. Kremsmüller in all Aspects of Our Everyday Lives Kremsmüller carried out these essential tests in Vienna in the 100 meter long climatic wind tunnel belonging to RTA - Rail Tec Arsenal in Vienna-Floridsdorf. It is the only plant constructor in Europe to be a regular guest there. As with current mobile communications technology, Kremsmüller is also heavily involved in implementing the new mobile communications standard. Moreover, the activities of the company can be found in almost every aspect of our everyday lives. There is a link to an interesting video of the wind tunnel tests at the very top.
August 2019
Kremsmüller Process Engineering at the Powtech in Nuremberg
Kremsmüller Process Engineering at the Powtech in Nuremberg
The thin-film dryer perfectly staged
Kremsmüller was the only industrial plant manufacturer present at the Powtech 2019. Nevertheless, our attendance was absolutely justified, with the thin-film dryer from the field of process engineering being an excellent contribution to the pertinent subject! To put this center stage as effectively as possible, a “holographic” presentation was shown at the booth which was well received by the public and caused many visitors to linger at the fair stand. The hologram can be watched in the video linked above, which also offers interesting insights on our trade fair appearance and presents an interview with Gregor Kremsmüller! At the end of the day, attending the Powtech 2019 was a big success for Kremsmüller. Some excellent contacts could be made which have already entailed the submission of tenders. Thank you to the dedicated and friendly trade fair team for their work!
July 2019
New evaporation plant for Agrana
New evaporation plant for Agrana
Kremsmüller process technology supplied the engineering power for the large-scale project
Kremsmüller was entrusted with the construction of an evaporation plant for the Agrana project in Pischelsdorf near Tulln. This plant is used to evaporate water from starch waste water. From the onset, the engineers of the Process Technology Division were involved in calculating and planning the components, apparatus, pipelines, and instrumentation and control equipment. Subsequent planning steps necessary to the project comprised the preparation of the plans and their implementation in the plant layout. Then the first apparatuses were assembled to reveal the colossal dimensions of the real plant. A moving moment for every technical project manager. In the video linked above, Alois talks about his work on the project. In addition, interesting insights into the project are given on site
July 2019
Superlative Containers for Borealis Schwechat
Superlative Containers for Borealis Schwechat
A separate motorway exit was even constructed for transportation
Again and again huge components depart the Kremsmüller production halls. As a result, extremely complex and demanding special transport operations are frequently called for. A particularly sophisticated transport has now hauled two 90 tonne containers, each 4.1 metres in diameter, from Kremsmüller in Steinhaus to Borealis in Schwechat. A new motorway exit even had to be constructed at the destination to allow the huge containers to pass safely. The containers themselves also offer a certain degree of ingenuity. Boasting a double-walled design, they are actually a container within a container, with an intermediate space of 12 millimetres. A coating of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) with a minimum thickness of 2 millimetres was applied to form the shell. The containers will be completely buried horizontally in the ground at their destination to guarantee constant climatic storage conditions. Florian, our foreman in the workshop, can be justifiably proud of the work of his crew. Impressive components and a splendid project, completed by our employees to the customer's complete satisfaction! To the image gallery here
June 2019
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