Flawless reception at festivals in 2020!


It goes without saying that nowadays, millions of photos and videos are sent or even streamed live at every major event. The ICE teams at Kremsmüller have been providing excellent reception at festivals, sporting events and concerts for many years now. Often Kremsmüller is out and about for mobile phone companies weeks before an event in order to set up the necessary infrastructure. Usually high radio towers have to be erected specifically for the event and air bridges have to be established.

In the video linked above you can see an example of the work on the FM4 Frequency Festival in St. Pölten. As early as eight days before the start of the festival, work began on the installation of an 18-metre high transmission tower and high-capacity mobile radio antennas and equipment.

The new festival season in 2020 will be no exception, and once again we will enjoy many splendid moments. Thanks to the work of Kremsmüller, we can capture these and share them with our loved ones.