Papiermaschine 3 Norske Skog Bruck Umbau Kremsmüller

PM3 paper machine conversion for Norske Skog

Highest safety was the focus of the demanding technical work

Norske Skog is entering the packaging paper segment, also known as containerboard. As Gert Pfleger, company spokesman for Norske Skog Bruck, explained explained to us, the paper machine 3 in Bruck was very well suited for a conversion due to the machine and reel widths.

However, this conversion of paper machine three, which was built in 1953 and is affectionately known internally as “Emma”, to the latest technology entailed considerable complexity. A task as if made for Kremsmüller’s I&C department.

Kremsmüller EMSR Mitarbeiter mit Schaltschränken
Employees of Kremsmüller I&C

Three factors were decisive in the awarding of the contract, as Christian Trieb, Head of Electrical Engineering / Automation, explained. Firstly, the costs, but also the resources which Kremsmüller had available played a major role due to the scope of the work. In the end, however, the competence of Kremsmüller’s specialist staff, which already became clear in the preliminary discussions and which strengthened the confidence in the company’s performance, tipped the scales.

It was precisely this capability that made the project a success, as the tasks were manifold.

The preliminary project was the electrical installation and commissioning of the OCC stock preparation plant. In the OCC plant, pulp is extracted from waste paper, which is applied to the paper machine as base material and is then wound up as new, recycled paper at the end.

Parallel to the completion of the OCC plant, the dismantling of the PM3 was already started. Again, the scope of work included the complete EI&C installation. The transformers were brought in, cable routes were built, cables were laid and connected. But also high-precision measuring sensors were mounted, wired and connected.

Papiermaschine 3 Norske Skog Bruck Umbau Kremsmüller
Paper Machine Three was built in 1953

One of the challenges was the coordination of the workers, of whom up to 100 were on duty at peak times. In addition, there were many other trades with which the work had to be coordinated. On the purchasing side, the procurement of the required components was difficult due to the current situation on the market, and naturally, the 70-year-old paper machine and the building fabric also caused surprises.

Despite all the challenges, the project was successfully completed. The unconditional focus on safety, which both Norske Skog and Kremsmüller set in their daily work, was lived during the entire eight-month project duration. Christian Trieb described it as a special distinction that the conversion remained without incident during the entire project duration of 8 months.

Christian Trieb Norske Skog Bruck
Christian Trieb, Head of Electrical Engineering / Automation

In the interview, Christian Trieb mentioned some other positive aspects of our performance. For example, he highly appreciated the good cooperation and the solution-oriented approach of the Kremsmüller staff. It was also clear to him that in every decision and every activity of our employees, they were putting the common, big project goal first. This was to produce paper again at the end of March 2023 and to conclude the project positively. Many of Christian Trieb’s statements can be seen in the video.

Now that paper machine three is up and running again, Kremsmüller can look back on a complex but excellently mastered project.

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