Pressure vessel
from Kremsmueller

Customised for complex storage and production requirements

Pressurised containers guarantee safe storage for your raw materials and products. Kremsmüller Druckbehälterbau has been manufacturing and installing such closed systems, which are designed for pressures ranging from a few mbar to several hundred bar, for many decades.

Pressure vessel types

Pressurised containers for the storage of liquids and gases

The task: These pressurised containers are specially designed for the safe handling of high pressure.

Pressure vessel types

Pressure vessels for processes (pressurised apparatus)

A pressure device is actively involved in the processing of materials and utilises pressure for specific processes. These include, for example

We process what you need

In pressure vessel construction, we process a wide range of materials that can withstand the highest loads, for example due to corrosion, pressure or temperature, according to our customers’ requirements.

Material selection:

The steels we use are characterised by high ductility, quality and weldability.

For example, we process various special steels from 3 to 200 mm, as well as aluminium, nickel alloys, titanium and stainless steel.

Strength calculations:

Our engineering team will dimension the pressure vessel according to your requirements and the applicable standards.

We will be pleased to advise you on the selection of design codes such as AD 2000, EN 13445, ASME Section VIII Div.1/2, TSG etc. and find the most favourable and safest design for you.

Welding process:

Correct welding procedures and precise execution are crucial for the integrity of the pressure vessel.

Our highly trained and experienced welders with one of the most modern machine parks in Europe ensure weld seams that can withstand the highest loads.

Kremsmueller pressure vessels

How we build your pressure vessel

Kremsmueller’s pressure vessel experts realise your project on the basis of the process engineering design in basic engineering: Depending on the requirements with

In addition to the tank construction itself, this also requires interaction with process engineering equipment and expertise. Your advantage at Kremsmueller: here, experts from all trades involved in pressure vessel construction work together on your project.

An experienced and competent project manager is always at your side, keeping an eye on all aspects and meeting challenges with foresight.

By the way:

We support your pressure vessel project even after construction and installation!

Regular inspection and maintenance during operation ensure the long-term integrity of the pressure vessel. This includes corrosion protection measures, inspection of weld seams, pressure tests or the replacement of parts.

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Capacities for key industries

Pressure vessel capacities for key industries

Kremsmueller Pressure Vessel Construction accompanies industrial plants in the largest sectors of the economy through their life cycle – with technical expertise, the highest quality and industry-specific certifications and safety regulations.

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

We put your most important pressure vessel projects in the fast lane! If your project needs to reach its destination on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team picks up the pace – solution-orientated and cooperative.

Specialist team for pressure vessel construction

We put together the right team for your project from around 100 of our own highly trained specialists in pressure vessel construction.

Our own commissioning technicians then join the team for the installation and commissioning of pressure vessels.

Why Kremsmueller?

"I see the biggest advantage for our customers in the combination of the various pressure vessel trades at Kremsmueller. What's more, in many cases our specialist consultants help to save costs, for example by suggesting alternative materials."
Dipl.- Ing. Mario Hoffmann

Apparatus Engineering Division & Head of Process Engineering Machines

On the move in other dimensions

Production at the headquarters in Steinhaus near Wels:

Diameter up to 4.8 metres, length 40 to 45 metres, weight up to 250 tonnes (road transport)

0 m
40- 0 m
(transport by road)
0 t

Production in the harbour of Linz:

Diameter up to 10 metres, length up to 80 metres, weight up to 500 tonnes (transport by barge)

0 m
0 m
(transport via barge)
0 t

Processing options

for container walls up to 160 mm thick

0 mm