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Customised power supply for your systems, devices and machines

Energy technology is a basic requirement for any industrial production. The precisely planned and professionally installed supply of electricity is as individual as your plant, machinery and equipment. The energy technology specialists at Kremsmueller therefore support your project right from the start with

Kremsmueller Energy Technology

Energy technology professionals for your project:

Energy technology is a job for specialists: Kremsmueller has a team of around 150 highly qualified in-house engineers and industrial electrical technicians working for our customers. In the upstream area of planning and engineering, we also work together with proven engineering office partners.


Medium-voltage systems 6-36kV

Medium-voltage systems as transmission and distribution systems in commercial and industrial installations are used for protection, control and insulation. When selecting components, we rely on manufacturers such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, Natus and Ormazabal to ensure the best quality and reliability in your industrial plant.

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

Does your energy technology project need to be completed at short notice? We’ll put you in the fast lane! If your project needs to be completed on time, even with a short lead time, we will set the pace – solution-orientated and cooperative.

Low-voltage systems < 1kV

Low-voltage systems distribute the electrical current to the individual consumers and ensure a reliable power supply for industrial production systems.

We realise your project using components from proven manufacturers such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, Natus, FEAG, GE, Mehler, Rittal or Schrack and our energy technology specialists. In our own workshop, we also manufacture distribution boards and enclosures for customised special solutions according to your needs and requirements.

Backup power systems < 1kV

A power failure with production downtime or even damage to machines and systems is catastrophic for any production operation.

With backup power systems from Kremsmueller, you can secure your power requirements for emergencies as needed. With the expertise of our energy technology team and components from Siemens, ABB, Eaton, Schrack, Schmachtl, Sapotec, Benning, Gustav Klein, MTU or Hitzinger, you can rely on your power backup.

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"Our highly trained in-house energy technology specialists are clearly an advantage for me at Kremsmueller, because the requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Our customers, some of whom have been with us for many years, definitely appreciate this."
Gerhard Köstinger

Head of Energy Technology Department

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