Kremsmüller tank construction - safe storage of large quantities

Capacities for industrial raw materials and products

With Kremsmüller tank construction, raw materials and operating resources are always available for your production. And products are safely stored until further transportation. We build flat-bottom stainless steel tanks according to your requirements for the storage of liquids at ambient and higher temperatures.

Kremsmueller tank construction

What characterizes the tanks?

The Kremsmueller stainless steel tanks are mostly

You know your requirements – at Kremsmueller you will find decades of implementation and processing expertise in tank construction. Store even sensitive raw materials, equipment and products safely and under optimum conditions.

Your tank construction project with Kremsmueller?
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Your industrial tank project from consultation to installation

The tank construction experts from Kremsmueller are your competent contacts from the start of the project for

The best thing about it: with a team of experts and project management from a single source, all trades work together optimally. This saves time and money.

We process what you need

In tank construction, we process a wide range of materials that can withstand the highest loads, for example corrosion, pressure or temperature, according to our customers’ requirements.


such as: P235GH, P265GH, P355NH

Stainless steels

such as: 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571

Duplex steels

such as 1.4462


One of the most modern machine parks in Europe and the Kremsmueller experts ensure unparalleled precision.

In addition to the tank construction itself, the project also requires interaction with other trades and the corresponding specialist knowledge. Your advantage at Kremsmueller: Here, experts from all trades work together on your industrial tank project, for example from

An experienced and competent project manager is always at your side, keeping an eye on all aspects and meeting challenges with foresight.

Your tank construction project with Kremsmueller?
Ask our experts!
Capacities for key industries

Tank construction for key industries

Kremsmueller Tank Construction supports industrial plants in the largest sectors of the economy throughout their life cycle – with specialist know-how, the highest quality and industry-specific certifications and safety regulations.

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

We put your most important tank construction projects in the fast lane! If your project has to be completed on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team will set the pace – solution-oriented and cooperative.

Specialist team for tank construction

We put together the right team for your project from around 100 of our own highly trained industrial tank specialists.

For the installation and commissioning of the tanks, our own commissioning technicians, I&C and pipeline construction specialists join the team as required.

Why Kremsmueller?

"Our tank construction specialists work from the outset to ensure that your project is handled optimally - for example, by providing expert advice on cost optimization as early as the basic engineering stage."
Dipl.- Ing. Mario Hoffmann

Apparatus engineering division

Kremsmüller tank construction

On the move in other dimensions

One of the largest tanks ever built by Kremsmueller weighs 365 tons, has a diameter of 40 meters, is 17.5 meters high and consists of steel components with a wall thickness of a good 18 millimeters. It goes without saying that industrial tanks of these dimensions are built directly at the site.

The Kremsmueller team has decades of experience with large industrial tank projects and reliably takes care of planning, component production in the factory, transportation, as well as construction and installation at your site.