Storage tank Kremsmueller
No external insulation is provided on the storage tank.

Largest Tank Since the Company was Founded

Kremsmueller manufactured a 7,500 m3 double jacket tank with a double bottom for a German chemical company.

The VAM (vinyl acetate monomer) storage tank has a capacity of 7,500 m3. It is a flat-bottom tank in accordance with DIN 4119 with collecting trough and double-bottom vacuum-monitored and strengthened conical roof including steel construction for inspection. The entire container is about 22 metres in diameter, about 28 metres high and weighs 303 tonnes. The tank was not insulated, i.e. the outside had to have a top-class appearance.

The equipment includes a mixing system for mixing the medium, and externally operated annular fittings. The functionality of the mixing system had to be proven in advance by means of a flow simulation. This is the only way to ensure that the maximum possible filling quantity is mixed in the tank within the specified 12 hours. Computationally, the complete mixing takes place in 5 hours. After completion, the mixing system was subjected to a probation test with water, in which it was proven that the jet does not break through the liquid surface at the minimum filling level. But this was not the only challenge in this project. The tank and the tub had to be completely pickled inside and outside, under the highest safety precautions with protective scaffolding. In addition to the tank standards, German construction law had to be observed. The German TÜV organisation supervised the project during construction.

The high quality standards were once again met to the fullest satisfaction of all. In 2011, Kremsmuelller had already built two similar, slightly smaller tanks – a decisive advantage at the start of the project. This enabled our experts to contribute their knowledge as early as the planning phase and provide optimum support to the customer.
Storage tank Kremsmueller
7,500 m&sup3 storage tank.