Pipeline construction with Kremsmueller

Professional and on-time construction of underground pipelines for gas, water and oil

In your pipeline construction project, you pay attention to safety and accuracy in the planning of the route, geological conditions, materials and approvals right from the start during basic engineering. The supply of energy via gas pipelines or hydrogen networks, the expansion of drinking water networks or the transportation of crude oil are construction projects where quality and precision are particularly important.

Kremsmüller pipeline construction

At Kremsmueller, only experienced pipeline construction specialists are entrusted with your project:

By the way: These tractors, loading cranes or side loaders are also available for you to use in our own machine park.

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Pipelines are all pipelines outside buildings - usually laid in the ground, but also under water.

Gases such as natural gas or hydrogen, crude oil or even drinking water are transported in the special pipes. The steel pipe pipelines have a plastic coating on the outside to protect them against corrosion: A pure steel pipe would rust in the ground in a very short time and become leaky.

Tank building

Special applications in pipeline construction are district heating pipelines and pressure pipelines

Pressure pipeline construction:

Water pipelines in large dimensions up to 3 meters in diameter and more for use in hydropower plants

District heating pipes:

Pipes for hot water for heating supply made of pre-insulated steel pipes with insulating foam and PE jacket

Big move: pipeline construction from Kremsmueller

Pipelines transport large quantities of gases, drinking water or crude oil precisely to where they are needed – safely, inconspicuously and over long distances. The pipelines from Kremsmueller have a diameter of up to one meter and a wall thickness of 20 millimetres

Kremsmüller pipeline construction

When the smallest details matter: pipelines for hydrogen

Even when it comes to the smallest particles for energy supply, the pipeline construction specialists from Kremsmueller are in demand: Pipelines for hydrogen are built using pipelines that are also used for natural gas – but what matters is the welding technology.

With the increasing importance of hydrogen in the course of the green energy transition, there are new welding processes for the corresponding pipelines: in order to keep hydrogen ingress and embrittlement at the critical weld seams as low as possible, our welding technology professionals are trained in these processes and areas of application and are at the cutting edge of technology.

Welding at the highest level
Kremsmueller Pipelinebau

Clean business: drinking water pipelines from Kremsmueller

Clean, constantly available drinking water is a matter of course in this country. This is ensured by professionally laid drinking water networks that reliably supply towns, villages and industry with the necessary water.

In the safely laid and carefully welded pipelines from Kremsmueller, your valuable drinking water arrives where it is needed in the best quality.

Our pipeline construction professionals for your project

Pipeline construction is a job for professionals: like the Kremsmueller team: highly trained and with years of experience in a wide variety of pipeline projects.

Therefore with Kremsmueller:

"For you, pipeline construction with Kremsmueller means: working with a full-service provider you can rely on - for quality, safety and, last but not least, reliability and adherence to deadlines."
Marcus Pietsch

Division management

Kremsmüller pipeline construction

By the way:

Because pipeline construction projects are often designed for the long term with expansions, network consolidation and maintenance, we are also there for you when the last pipe has been laid and the excavation pit has been closed.

We support you wherever you need us via framework agreements.


Why Kremsmueller?

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

We put your most important apparatus engineering projects in the fast lane! If your apparatus has to reach its destination on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team picks up the pace – solution-oriented and cooperative.

Kremsmueller apparatus engineering

We process what you need

In apparatus engineering, we process a wide range of materials according to our customers’ requirements, which withstand the highest loads, for example due to corrosion, pressure or temperature.

One of the most modern machine parks in Europe and the Kremsmueller specialists ensure unparalleled precision. Our numerous certifications vouch for our quality.

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