Kremsmüller Tank Construction
- reliable supply on site

Customised tanks, pressure vessels and heat accumulators for your company

Kremsmueller containers store your raw materials, equipment and products safely, space-savingly and always available. Or they store valuable heat from renewable energies or production for a sustainable energy supply. In addition to tank construction itself, this also requires interaction with process engineering equipment from the apparatus and plant engineering sector.

Kremsmueller tank construction

The tank builders from Kremsmueller realise your project:

Depending on requirements, from the idea and feasibility to basic and detailed engineering, production, transport and installation through to maintenance and dismantling.

An experienced and competent project manager is always at your side, keeping an eye on all aspects and meeting challenges with foresight.

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Capacities for key industries

Kremsmueller realises your tank construction project

Kremsmueller Apparate- und Tankbau supports industrial plants in the largest sectors of the economy throughout their life cycle – with technical expertise, the highest quality and industry-specific safety regulations, for example in petrochemicals, energy and environmental technology or the paper and pulp industry.

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

We put your most important tank construction projects in the fast lane! If your apparatus or tank needs to reach its destination on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team will set the pace – solution-orientated and cooperative.

Operating resources safely stored and always available

Kremsmüller tank construction

What you need for your production must always be available – the same applies to the storage of products until further transport.

You know your requirements. At Kremsmueller, you will find the realisation and processing expertise in tank construction. This means that your raw materials, operating resources and products are stored safely under optimum conditions.

Customised for complex requirements

Pressure vessels from Kremsmueller

If containers have to be pressurised in order to guarantee safe storage or to enable certain processes or reactions, the requirements for apparatus engineering are complex.

In addition to pressure, temperature, special materials or designs, specific guidelines, regulations, tests, etc. are mandatory.

Kremsmueller customers have been appreciating the successful realisation of these requirements for efficient, reliable and safe pressure vessels for decades.

Operating resources safely stored and always available

Heat accumulator

An important topic in the energy transition is the storage of thermal energy. In this context, hot water heat accumulators from Kremsmueller unfold their full potential: for example, they enable the storage and continuous release of waste heat, which is sometimes volatile during production, and also serve as storage for alternative energy sources, thus offering greater security of supply.

Pressurised heat storage systems are the more economical and sustainable solution, as the permanent balancing of the pressurised pipeline network is simpler and cheaper to operate in the long term. The reason for this is that no additional pumps, which would incur running costs, are required to maintain the correct pressure prior to injection. In addition, pressurised heat accumulators do not require a gas buffer above the water storage medium. In the case of unpressurised heat accumulators, for example, nitrogen is required as a buffer to the normal air in order to ensure the consistent quality of the water.

Why Kremsmueller?

"Our Kremsmueller customers always receive a customised and completely individual solution. The basis is usually the customer's expertise, which we receive as basic engineering with fundamental design data. The Kremsmueller experts then take care of the detailed engineering, production with acceptance and, if required, on-site installation until the apparatus or tank can be put into operation."
Dipl.-Ing. (BA) Dirk Junghänel

Sales Manager Apparatus and Tank Construction

On the move in other dimensions

Production at the headquarters in Steinhaus near Wels:

Diameter up to 4.8 metres, length 40 to 45 metres, weight up to 250 tonnes (road transport)

0 m
40- 0 m
(transport by road)
0 t

Production in the harbour of Linz:

Diameter up to 10 metres, length up to 80 metres, weight up to 500 tonnes (transport by barge)

0 m
0 m
(transport via barge)
0 t

Processing options

for container walls up to 160 mm thick

0 mm
Kremsmueller tank construction

We process what you need

In apparatus and tank construction, we process a wide range of materials that can withstand the highest loads, for example corrosion, pressure or temperature, according to our customers’ requirements. One of the most modern machine parks in Europe and Kremsmueller specialists ensure unrivalled precision. Our numerous certifications vouch for our quality.