EI&C technology from Kremsmueller

EI&C technology: Precise supply, measurement, control and regulation of industrial systems

EI&C technology includes the areas of energy and electrical engineering, measurement technology, control technology and regulation technology. The Kremsmueller team has decades of expertise in the areas of EI&C planning and the design and installation of EI&C systems in a variety of sectors of the production industry.

Kremsmueller Energy Technology

Energy / electrical engineering is a basic requirement for any industrial production.

The precisely planned and professionally installed supply of electricity is as individual as your systems, machines and devices.

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Kremsmueller measurement technology

With the measurement technology

parameters such as temperature, light, pressure, vibration, flow, speed, density, filling level or limit level are determined on industrial systems. Devices such as

We rely on EI&C technology from manufacturers such as Emmerson, Endress und Hauser, Vega, Auma, Vortex, Stöhr, Flowserve, Wika, Krohne and Honeywell to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Control technology and regulation technology are downstream of measurement technology

and automatically implement certain defined actions, for example cooling/heating, flow adjustment, opening or closing of valves, power interruption, if the currently measured actual value deviates from a target value.

The control technology is IT-based and serves – in simple terms – as a link between the measurement technology and the electromechanical elements of the control technology such as dampers, valves or heating and cooling elements.

EI&C professionals for your project

EI&C technology and EI&C systems are tasks for specialists: Kremsmueller has a team of around 150 highly qualified in-house engineers, industrial electrical engineers and process technicians working for our customers.

In the upstream area of EI&C planning and engineering, we also work together with proven engineering office partners.

The EI&C experts from Kremsmueller accompany your project from the very beginning with

Project planning and detailed planning

according to customer and demand requirements for industrial and production facilities, administration centres, transport facilities and other facilities with higher technology and availability.


(lighting calculations, cable calculations, routing, etc., network calculations; short circuit calculations, load flow calculations, motor run-up analyses, selectivity studies, Exi-circuit calculations in accordance with EN 60 079-25, SIL circuit calculations EN61508 and EN61511, equipment design for potentially explosive atmospheres)

Assembly & completion

All necessary installation, connection technology, cabling


(Loop check, support for process engineering, plant inspections, findings, support for official approvals of electrical engineering)


(Incl. creation and editing of electrical documentation such as circuit diagrams, assembly plans, as-built documentation, terminal diagrams, cable lists with ELCAD, E-PLAN, AUTOCAD, COMOS, Promis, etc.)

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EI&C technology with Kremsmueller

The EI&C technology department at Kremsmueller plans, supplies and installs

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

Does your EI&C project need to be completed at short notice? We’ll put you in the fast lane! If your project needs to be completed on time, even with a short lead time, we’ll set the pace – solution-orientated and cooperative.

Maintenance, servicing and service

Maintenance and servicing of EI&C technology ensures that your system always runs safely and precisely. Some inspections are mandatory, others are also useful.

Many expensive and time-consuming breakdowns can thus be avoided in advance. And if something does malfunction, the Kremsmueller team is quickly on site: thanks to an expert on-call service and our own spare parts warehouse.

By the way: We also work exclusively with our own specialised employees in the area of maintenance, servicing and maintenance of EI&C systems.

The advantage for you: Kremsmueller specialists are very familiar with the work involved in ongoing operations and approach their tasks analytically and carefully so that production can continue to run as smoothly as possible during maintenance and servicing work.

"Your advantage at Kremsmueller is our excellently trained and specialised in-house EI&C experts in all specialist areas. This enables us to precisely plan and realise even large, complex and interdisciplinary projects in the field of energy, measurement and control technology."
Jürgen Granitz

Head of EI&C Technology

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