Prizegiving ceremony
Trainer Jürgen Römer and Personnel Manager Wolfgang Gruber accepted the trainer's tropy on behalf of Kremsmueller.

Innovative companies that offer apprenticeships take a curtain call

Kremsmueller is awarded the trainer’s trophy for its efforts in the training of apprentices.

From about 6,000 companies that provide apprenticeship positions, the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce chose Kremsmueller. „For their commitment to apprenticeship training, those companies are being honoured today, who, during the past 10 years have been particularly involved in training and have offered an especially high number of apprentices a position “, were the congratulatory words of WKNÖ President Sonja Zwazl. „We honour these companies because they set an example. Because they accept the responsibility for the youth and because they are committed enough to give them a future. Without well-trained employees, neither our factories nor our industrial location will function.“
In the district of Schwechat, Kremsmueller is counted among those companies that give apprenticeship training positions to many young persons. At present, 30 apprentices are being trained in the most varied skills, such as metalworking technician, electrical technician and process control technician. A great deal of importance is attached here to a structured training system, in which the focus is on the key qualifications.
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