Heating bundle
The new heating bundle is inserted into the evaporator.

Versatility in the paper industry

During a 3-week temporary shutdown, Kremsmueller demonstrated its versatility: Over 20 projects in a wide variety of areas were successfully completed.

During these 3 weeks, numerous areas were modernized and revamped at an international packaging manufacturer. Installation work in the boiler house, comprehensive pipe work on pumps, and the replacement of entire system components were completed here in record time.
Two heat exchangers, each weighing 7,500 kg, and a new 11-ton heating bundle for the evaporation system were completely integrated into the plant. The confined conditions presented a special challenge.
The high-performance pumps of the vacuum equipment underwent a general overhaul. A ventilation shaft 27 meters tall and 5 meters wide for this construction segment was fabricated directly on the construction site and integrated into the plant.
The most precarious installations were performed directly over the paper machine. Components measuring up to 6 meters in length were installed during numerous repairs of the ventilation equipment and fans. Even the smallest contaminants resulting from this work would have caused significant damage to the paper machine.

During 8,000 hours of work, Kremsmueller’s expert workforce completed first-class quality work in all areas.

Precision work above the paper machine
A safety net protects the paper machine from debris from work being carried out on the roof of the paper factory