Laboratory benches for electrical, instrumentation and control engineering
Laboratory benches for optimal training

Simulation on the smallest scale

Laboratory benches have been developed and fabricated for a leading petroleum and natural gas conglomerate by instrumentation and control engineering experts from Kremsmueller.

The goal was to be able to simulate as realistically as possible key petrochemical processes on a laboratory bench. This was the challenge posed to the shop of the instrumentation and control engineering experts in Schwechat near Vienna. The result was a masterpiece of miniaturization. Now all tests and measurements can undergo practice runs on the smallest scale which will later ensure proper function, safety, and reliability in the actual facility.
The lab benches brilliantly demonstrate their versatility: For example, the control system can be selectively run by compressed air or electrically by means of frequency converters. The ingenious positioning of the various components here ensures the measured values are precise without distortions.
Flow rate, pressure, fill level, … The ability to handle these and many other parameters can now be conveyed to apprentices as realistically as possible. TÜV-verified quality for training Kremsmueller’s electrical instrumentation and control experts.
Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Engineering workshop in Schwechat
The control engineering workshops in Schwechat is where high-performance instruments are created