wienertafel guests
Behind the hot plate, from left: Christian Clerici (TV moderator), Erika Geier (the Ideenbäckerei Geier bakery), Frank Hensel (Chairman of the Management Board, REWE Austria), Helga Papouschek (actor), Nikolaus Berlakovich (Minister for the Environment) and Martin Haiderer (Convenor, Wiener Tafel).

In action for the Wiener Tafel organisation

Kremsmueller helps with electrical equipment

There’s enough! For all. That was the motto of the ‘Lange Tafel 2013, the annual street festival of the Wiener Tafel society at the Brunnenmarkt in Vienna. To make sure that it really was enough, the organisers turned to Kremsmueller as well.

For the success of the festival, the Wiener Tafel team urgently needed electrical equipment – among other things, equipment to be able to connect the portable hot plates to the mains supply. Kremsmueller Schwechat reacted promptly and helped with the required material.

For several years now, Wiener Tafel has been successfully fighting poverty, hunger and food wastage. Since 2011, volunteers of the organisation collect fresh, vitamin-rich food at the Naschmarkt and at the Brunnenmarkt for 12,000 poverty-affected persons in 85 social institutions in the area of Greater Vienna.

You can get more information on the Wiener Tafel here.
lange tafel
Everyone was welcome to the festival: supporters, passersby, members of the organisation, interested persons and the hungry. The Lange Tafel was accompanied by musical pieces going right across all the genres.