Apparatus engineering from Kremsmueller

Precise conversion of materials and energy

Thermal, chemical or mechanical processes that need to be precisely controlled take place in the equipment built here for our customers.

This means: Apparatus engineering constructs highly specialised units that are precisely tailored to the respective area of application and that

Kremsmueller apparatus engineering

The components from Kremsmueller Apparatebau are the centrepiece of process engineering systems in all industrial sectors.

We take care of it – from the first plan to the last screw. And we are also at your side for maintenance and servicing, extensions and replacement construction.

From the Kremsmueller apparatus range

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Customised apparatus engineering for all requirements

Apparatuses are customised products: Precisely designed for the requirements of our customers. Which materials are used depends on the processes, the media and the required process parameters of the respective apparatus.

Important to know: Kremsmueller Apparatebau processes a wide variety of steels and other materials. This means absolute flexibility for our customers.

Heat-resistant carbon steels

(16Mo3, 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo910, A387Gr.22Cl2, P91, P92)

Cold-hardening carbon steels

(P355NL2, 12Ni19, 9%Ni)

High-strength carbon steels

(S690QL, S580M)

Corrosion and heat-resistant CrNi steel

(1.4301, 1.4571, 1.4841)

Special stainless steels

(1.4462, 1.4510, 1.4529, 1.4539, 1.4466, 1.4876, 1.4313)

Roll clad and blast clad steel, weld cladding

(P355NL2 + 1.4462, A516 Gr.70 +AISI 316L)

Nickel Alloys

(eg. Alloy 59, Alloy 31, Inconel, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400)


(Ti Gr.2, Ti Gr.12)

Flexibility from the family business

What exactly an apparatus has to do, which components, connections, nozzles or pipes are required or which materials have to be used – this is defined by the customer in the basic engineering.

Kremsmueller’s apparatus engineering experts are at your side for all further steps: with advice, developments, analyses and calculations, thermal design, detailed engineering or determining the right welding technology. With us, you can be sure: We can do what you need.

Your quality guarantee:
Our apparatus engineering specialists

You can expect the highest quality in apparatus engineering anyway – at Kremsmueller this is guaranteed by our specialists: excellently trained, always at the cutting edge of technology and with the ambition to build your optimum apparatus engineering solution.

Our in-house Karl Kremsmueller Academy ensures that you can count on the best welders and metalworkers at Kremsmueller.

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

We put your most important apparatus engineering projects in the fast lane! If your apparatus has to reach its destination on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team picks up the pace – solution-orientated and cooperative.

Service and maintenance

Apparatus and systems must always run flawlessly and always be technically up to date. At Kremsmueller, apparatus engineering therefore also includes the following on request:

Regular maintenance to avoid expensive downtime due to repairs

Forward-looking maintenance planning in order to complete necessary work on the equipment as quickly as possible

Fast support for repairs

Expert advice on extensions and modernisations with the removal and installation of equipment in existing systems

Why Kremsmueller?

"Kremsmüller has grown from a family business, and our structures are still leaner in comparison. Hence the flexibility, both in terms of implementation and technical design. For us, this means working in a truly customer-orientated way."
– Manuel Pernsteiner

On the move in other dimensions

Production at the headquarters in Steinhaus near Wels:

Diameter up to 4.8 metres, length 40 to 45 metres, weight up to 250 tonnes (road transport)

0 m
40- 0 m
(transport by road)
0 t

Production in the harbour of Linz:

Diameter up to 10 metres, length up to 80 metres, weight up to 500 tonnes (transport by barge)

0 m
0 m
(transport via barge)
0 t

Processing options

for container walls up to 160 mm thick

0 mm
Kremsmueller Apparatus Engineering

We process what you need

In apparatus engineering, we process a wide range of materials according to our customers’ requirements, which withstand the highest stresses, for example due to corrosion, pressure or temperature.

One of the most modern machine parks in Europe and the Kremsmueller specialists ensure unrivalled precision. Our numerous certifications vouch for our quality.