Thin-film evaporator technologies from Kremsmueller

Safely separate and recycle material mixtures

Thermal separation processes are essential for the recovery of valuable ingredients from waste and old materials or the efficient extraction and further processing of raw material components.

Thin film evaporation reliably separates even the most difficult material mixtures, turns the components into valuable raw materials and is extremely versatile for

Precisely for your area of application

Optimum raw material extraction from all material mixtures

At Kremsmueller, you get distillation, evaporation and drying systems that are precisely tailored to your area of application – with one contact person from the initial idea to the last screw.

Our thin-film evaporator technology comes into play when the processing of materials needs to be complete and clean.

With the know-how of Kremsmueller’s experts, equipment is created that extracts the maximum amount of raw materials from a wide variety of material mixtures.

This guarantees maximum efficiency.


The basic principle:

In a thin film evaporator, the liquid or viscous media run down the walls of a heated cylinder, where the more volatile components evaporate and are then condensed again.

Solids and less volatile substances remain behind. Kremsmueller’s specialised machines reliably separate even complicated mixtures of substances – thanks to a precisely coordinated apparatus design and the control of dwell time and temperature.

The result: You obtain the maximum amount of recyclable materials from your source material in the most efficient way.

The right system

Customized rotor systems for efficient evaporation

It is also extremely important to choose the right rotor system, which creates turbulence in the liquid inside the machine. This ensures a high level of heat transfer and prevents undesirable effects such as crystallisation or polymerisation.

Tight schedule? Ask us for the fastest way!

We put your most important apparatus engineering projects in the fast lane! If your apparatus has to reach its destination on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team picks up the pace – solution-orientated and cooperative.

Convincing advantages

Residue-free separation of mixtures of substances

Maximum recovery of recyclable materials

Preservation of the valuable ingredients through gentle evaporation

Safe and complete separation of components from various waste and used materials

Cost savings on disposal

Reduction of environmental pollution

Surface area
Heating temperature
Working pressure
Areas of application
Falling film evaporator (FAFI) with thermal or mechanical vapour recompression (TBV or MBV)
up to 5,000 m²
up to approx. 200 °C
up to 10 mbar
Starch solutions, solvent recovery, black liquor, milk, caprolactam
Thin film evaporator vertical
0.1 to 60 m²
up to 500 °C
up to 1 mbar
Polymers, waxes, isocyanates, tall oil, fatty acids, oils, sorbitol, glycols, silicone oils
Thin film dryer vertical and horizontal
0.1 to 120 m²
up to 500 °C
up to 50 mbar
Municipal and industrial sludges, salt solutions, lecithin, glycerine, acids, suspensions and pastes
Short path vaporiser or molecular distillation
0.1 to 60 m²
up to 450 °C
up to 0.001 mbar
Vitamins, isocyanates, fatty acids, biodiesel, lactic acid, monoglycerides
Always the right technology

Thin-film evaporator technologies

With the right technology – falling film evaporator, thin film evaporator, thin film dryer or short path evaporator/molecular distillation – you can extract the maximum amount of recyclable materials from your source material with maximum efficiency.

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Dünnschicht-Technologie LIQUIFILM von Kremsmüller


Falling film evaporators are particularly suitable for high evaporation rates, temperature-sensitive liquids, which can be evaporated very gently due to the low temperature difference and short process times.


Enables gentle separation of liquid mixtures, e.g. greasy and oily components, oils and waxes with solid impurities or polymers.

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Download all relevant information from LIQUIVAP as a PDF.

Dünnschichtverdampfer LIQUIVAP von Kremsmüller
Dünnschichttrockner LIQUIDRY H von Kremsmüller


Sludge is a typical application for thin film dryers. In the course of further environmental requirements towards “zero liquid discharge” (ZLD), ever higher process temperature requirements are necessary. Kremsmueller is able to realise 500 °C and more for sludge drying in horizontal thin film dryers.

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Download all relevant information from LIQUIDRY as a PDF.


Short path evaporators/molecular distillers are used, for example, to extract lactic acid via distillation and evaporation.

Lactic acid (polylactic acid, PLA) serves as a raw material for the production of bioplastics and replaces petroleum products.

Dünnschicht Technologie LIQUIMOL von Kremsmüller
We put your most important thin-film evaporator projects in the fast lane!

If your machine has to be at its destination on time, even with a short lead time, the Kremsmueller team will get up to speed - solution-orientated and cooperative.

Why Kremsmueller?

"From consulting and process engineering design to construction, assembly and commissioning, we have everything in-house for our customers. Having just one point of contact for such large projects saves an enormous amount of time, which you won't find anywhere else on the market."
Gerhard Högl

Head of Sales, Thin Film Evaporators

We process what you need

In thin-film evaporator construction, we process a wide range of materials that can withstand the highest loads, for example corrosion, pressure or temperature, according to our customers’ requirements.

One of the most modern machine parks in Europe and Kremsmueller specialists ensure unrivalled precision. Our numerous certifications vouch for our quality.

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