Production of 4 columns and 2 heat exchangers for Vogelbusch

Vogelbusch’s project was also technically demanding

VOGELBUSCH Biocommodities GmbH had ordered two lines with two columns and one heat exchanger each. Thus, Kremsmüller manufactured and supplied four columns and two heat exchangers in parallel for one order.

The thick, clad tube plates are made of Hastelloy steel, a highly corrosion-resistant nickel-molybdenum alloy that not every metalworking company can handle; many companies would have to learn the ropes first. Michael Schinninger, project manager at Vogelbusch, comments: “This was one of the reasons why we chose Kremsmüller. We know Kremsmüller has a lot of experience in processing special materials and we were sure it would work.”

Herbert Gielesberger, project manager at Kremsmüller, on another, special technical feature of the project: “The diameter of the heat exchanger tubes was significantly larger than usual for this order, at 60.3 mm. At the ends, these were rolled and welded.”

Since the end customer is a company in the pharmaceutical industry, special attention was paid to very clean processing and flawless, complete documentation of the project. Here, too, Kremsmüller was able to excel.

One factor that Vogelbusch particularly appreciated, however, was the open, simple and rapid communication. Even in times of online meetings, Kremsmüller’s central location and easy accessibility were further plus points.

Thus, Michael Schinninger draws a very positive conclusion on the handling of the current project: “The project went very well, everything was delivered on time, the quality fits, the documentation as well, everything is sound and reasonable. If the conditions are right, we will be very happy to work with Kremsmüller again in the future.”

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