Heavy transport reactor Kremsmueller
Start of the transport in front of the tank and apparatus fabrication facility of Kremsmueller in Steinhaus.

Shift reactor: Scintillating logistical performance

The weight of a fully fuelled and completely full Jumbo Jet rolled through Upper Austria

In the night of the 26th to the 27th of April, one of the biggest heavy transports to have ever rolled through Upper Austria took place. A shift reactor weighing 226 tonnes, fabricated in Steinhaus, was to be transported to the Linz harbour. This was a logistical challenge that needed months of preparation.

The shift reactor, 24 metres in length and more than four metres in diameter, supported on 192 wheels, was pulled metre by metre by a tractor. All the autobahn tunnels were previously measured using a 3D laser. Passing through intersections often took hours. High-precision work was also required under one of the autobahn bridges before Linz. Passing under it took more than 20 minutes. This imposing transport weighed a total of 350 tonnes and was 65 metres in length.

Thanks to the meticulous planning to the minutest detail and the professional support of all those involved, the harbour was reached punctually just before 5 o’clock in the morning. After it was loaded, the shift reactor made its way along the Danube to Samara in Russia to one of the biggest chemical concerns in that country. The reactor will be used in the fertiliser industry for synthesis gas generation.

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Reactor transport harbour
Loading in Linz harbour.
Reactor Transport bridge
High-precision work was required at numerous places along the transportation path.