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The history of Kremsmueller

The history of Kremsmueller starts in 1961 with staffing services for the industry. It was, at the time, a completely new business model that exactly hit the need of the times. In these initial years, Karl Kremsmueller did pioneering work in industrial plant construction. There was a high demand for the highly qualified welders, fitters and mechanics from all the renowned plant construction companies. And for this reason, experts from Kremsmueller were present practically all over the world even as early as the 60s.

About Kremsmueller

Philosophy & mission statement

Kremsmueller’s project business in plant construction established itself at the start of the 1970s. The focus was on pipeline construction and mechanical installation projects. At that time, the company’s reputation as a premium provider with an especially high level of competence in welding work was established. Soon, the second pillar was built – in the form of a pioneer role in matters of occupational safety. Kremsmueller was often one of the first companies in the sector to adopt new findings and certifications in plant construction.

I&C technology was integrated in the portfolio in the middle of the 1990s. The new sector was aligned with the existing services in plant construction, and from the beginning, was a logical extension. In just a few years, the company was able to establish itself in this technical sector with the same solidity as in the traditional sectors of Kremsmueller in plant construction. The apparatus construction division followed a similar development path; from the beginning of the 1970s, it developed purposefully into a precision manufacturer and technology provider for plant construction.

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Our portfolio mirrors the typical project landscape of our target sectors. 35% of services are for pipeline construction and mechanical engineering. 30% for I&C technology. 20% for personnel and maintenance services. 15% for apparatus, special tanks and tank construction. Thus, our technical departments form the ideal basis to cover all your plant construction projects in their entirety and with the required thrust. From the engineering skills in the technology up to execution at the site.

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We are quality-conscious.
We are cooperative.
We are versatile.
We have a sense of responsibility.
We are innovative.

About Kremsmueller

Our values

We are quality-conscious.
We offer no-compromises quality in our products and services. We have a commitment in this regard to our business associates of many years. We meet our quality demands through competence and the readiness for continuous improvement. To be able to further expand our quality standards, we count on purposeful further education and advanced training and maintain our own training facilities. We use only the best technical equipment.
We are cooperative.
We are committed to fairness and having respect for value in our daily interaction. Our internal and external relationships are marked by a sense of the long term, by confidence and the quality guaranteed by a handshake, as it were. We keep our word. We encounter and consider each other as equals, with mutual respect. Being a family-owned company, we promote the spirit of unity and community spirit and benefit from short communications paths. For us, the focus is on the human being.
We are versatile.
We grab opportunities and achieve growth through the versatility of our enterprise. We give our employees varied tasks with interesting prospects of development. We prove our flexibility in our comprehensive offering of services. Fast action and the courage to change give us an advantage in the market. Towards customers, we stand out through our holistic project processing and problem solving competence. A broad network of company locations ensures optimum proximity to the customer in the national and international markets.
We have a sense of responsibility.
We bear responsibility for the well-being of our employees and their families, the reputation and integrity of our company and societal concerns. Thanks to the independent and considerate management of our family concern, we create secure and fulfilling jobs for generations. Through comprehensive preventive measures, we guarantee the job security of our own employees and those of our customers. We promote social initiatives and protect the environment through the conservative use of resources.
We are innovative.
We achieve innovations and new approaches to solutions through the combination of years of experience, creativity and open-mindedness for anything new. We drive our ideas on with self-initiative and conviction. In small processes as well as large projects, we continue to develop ourselves. This gives us the capability of becoming more efficient and qualitatively superior and stride successfully into the future. We learn from the past, actively shape our present and invest with foresight in the future.

About us

Our behaviour code.

All the employees and contractors of the Kremsmueller Group are bound to comply with basic ethical rules of business. The overriding values of the mission statement have been formulated in clear rules in our code of behaviour. The Kremsmueller Group thus clearly declares its commitment to its responsibility for humans, the environment and society.


About us

Quality and HSE

Highest demands on quality and safety as well as permanent development in terms of working methods and processes have made us leading experts in industrial plant construction over the decades. A large number of certifications and awards are proof of the quality and responsible work of our employees.


The history of Kremsmueller

From the foundation of the company in 1961 until today. Milestones have had a lasting effect on the company’s development and have made us the company we are today. Take a journey through time with us.

About us

Corporate news

The world of Kremsmueller is colourful, exciting and lively. On this page we provide regular news from all departments and sections. 


About us

Social responsibility program
Kremsmueller 4 Life

Social responsibility is deeply ingrained in our family culture. This is something that our employees have held in high regard since the founding of the company. We feel that this sense of responsibility should also benefit organisations active in social service. With our support, we wish to help realize projects that are more than just the sum of their parts. Projects in which we are involved with all our being. 

Or in short: Simply handing over a cheque in a photogenic king-size format is not enough for us. Our projects must continue to live even after they have been completed because sustainability is also that certain “more” than the sum of the parts. 


Submit projects

Are you able to identify with our projects, and do you work for an organisation that shares our values? Let us know. Every year, the “Kremsmueller 4 Life” program supports a number of remarkable projects. 

The link below has an application form in which we request a description of the project. Please return the completed form to 4-life@kremsmueller.com

Application form for sponsorship of a project 


Kremsmueller 4 Life Journey of Art

As an example of an extraordinary project, we would like to present to you the Kremsmueller 4 Life Journey of Art, which came into being in 2010 in collaboration with the “Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich” organisation. 

For the “Kremsmueller 4 Life Journey of Art”, mentally challenged artists create very special works of art. Every year, impressive pictures are created from old technical drawings of Kremsmueller, using paint, and above all, lots of joie de vivre. 

When the pictures are complete, they are cut into many thousand parts. This thus gives rise to so many unique miniature works of art, which start their journey around the world. The destination of the Journey of Art are the many customers and business associates of Kremsmueller. They get a collector’s item, with which they simultaneously also become a part of this special project.

Kremsmüller offered its support to a very special social project, which has now finally been implemented.
The Kremsmueller for life funding program supported the child protection center “die möwe” – Kremsmueller lives social responsibility
Kremsmueller helps girls in India to become safer and more self-confident. We supported an initiative that enables girls to take sport and karate lessons.