OMV ReOil: innovativer Behälterbau von Kremsmüller
OMV ReOil: innovativer Behälterbau von Kremsmüller

OMV ReOil: Innovative tank construction by Kremsmüller

The cooperation between OMV and Kremsmüller resulted in innovative manufacturing processes and optimal use of materials.

Used plastics are ubiquitous and very problematic. What can be done against the flood of used plastics? OMV ReOil ® has been going for more than ten years. In this project, used plastics are transformed into synthetic raw material, from which primarily high-quality plastics are then produced again.

100 litres of synthetic raw material (pyrolysis oil) are obtained from 100 kg of used plastics – a high degree of effectiveness that illustrates the economic efficiency of the plant.

Of course, strong partners are needed to implement such a plant. Kremsmüller is delighted to have implemented parts of this plant for OMV and thus to be involved in this very important environmental project.

The scope of services provided by Kremsmüller included the delivery of 12 containers required for the process. In collaboration with Kremsmüller, the design of the containers was further refined; Kremsmüller’s openness to discussion and innovative spirit proved to be a particular advantage. As a result, alternative manufacturing processes were applied and the use of materials optimized.

At the beginning of the cooperation, OMV presented a process technology concept and suggestions with regard to its implementation. Together with Kremsmüller, the process technology idea was then constructively implemented. Details were solved such as “How can I build a highly stable mesh basket?” or “How can we plate flanges?”.

In an interview with “Die Echten Kremserl”, Mr. Scharsching, Project Manager at OMV, mentioned a key aspect of the cooperation with Kremsmüller: “You can always find someone to build a container. But when questions arise regarding materials, production technology or delivery times, then the possibility of quick and solution-oriented coordination is extremely important. This was the case with Kremsmüller.”

The services currently provided by Kremsmüller for the ReOil ® project relate to the ReOil ® demo plant, which will process two tons of PCP per hour after the scheduled start of production at the beginning of 2023. A further industrial-scale plant, which will be able to process up to 25 tons of PCP per hour, is already in planning.

Kremsmüller is delighted to be involved in this very important environmental project and to have completed our work on the OMV ReOil ® project to the full satisfaction of our customer.

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