Smurfit Kappa white water tank
Smurfit Kappa white water tank

Precision work during modernisation of a white water tank

Kremsmüller renewed the upper section of a white water tower for Smurfit Kappa in Nettingsdorf. Considerable expertise and foresight were required for this project.

Kremsmüller is committed to working with its long-standing customers in an atmosphere of respect and effective communication. Smurfit Kappa has been a valuable business partner for decades and repeatedly relies on Kremsmüller’s expertise and manpower for its projects.

Recently, the upper section of a white water tower was renewed. This involved a structure with a diameter of 10 metres and a cylindrical height of 10 metres, topped by a conical roof with rafters.

The extremely thin wall thickness of 4-5 millimetres posed particular challenges for our welding technology. The aim here was to weld with as little distortion as possible.

Another challenge was the need to plan for the location of the required 400-ton crane right from the outset. This involved working with the utmost precision as the containers had to be positioned exactly where they were needed in order to ensure that lifting operations could be carried out smoothly.

Furthermore, there were pipelines on the tower that were in continuous operation, while others were disconnected and made blind, which required great care and technical understanding.

All of the specifications were met successfully. Mr Karan, project manager at Smurfit Kappa, thanked us for working so well together, and we are only too happy to return his thanks.

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