Installation of heat accumulator in Wuerzburg
Installation of heat accumulator in Wuerzburg

Installation of heat accumulator in Würzburg combined heat and power (CHP) plant

Kremsmüller fitters impress with high-precision work in the tightest of spaces

This project will bring about lasting changes to yet another cityscape: the new heat storage facility for the Würzburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrs-GmbH (WVV) is being installed directly in the distinctive existing building of the combined heat and power plant.

Armin Lewetz, Managing Director of Heizkraftwerk Würzburg GmbH, believes that the external appearance of the CHP plant is extremely important because the power plant is “part of the city skyline so to speak”. To ensure that the accumulator does not tower disproportionately over the building, its foundations in the building were lowered by three metres.

The storage facility itself has a diameter of 9.4 metres, is 45 metres high, weighs 430 tonnes and buffers a heat quantity of 175,000 kWh. Not only will the cityscape enjoy long-term changes thanks to the project, but also the eco-balance of district heating production. The CO2 emissions of the CHP plant will be significantly reduced and the utilisation rate of the power plant will see an increase of 5 %.

According to WVV, the accumulator will ensure that district heating is generated independently of heat demand, despite producing energy on the principle of combined heat and power. As a result, the flexibility of the power plant will be significantly increased. “The accumulator consequently dissociates combined heat and power generation,” explains Armin Lewetz.

Working in a confined space, the experienced staff of the Kremsmüller Apparatus and Tank Construction Division did a top-quality job during the Würzburg CHP plant project, and the welding was also second to none.

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