River Water Withdrawal Station-Vienna-Energy-Distance Cooling-Stubenring
The e-room on the Danube Canal was perfectly integrated visually

District cooling project on the Danube Canal for Wien Energie

A project implemented by the Kremsmüller energy technology team in Schwechat enables the demand for district cooling to be met sustainably

Kremsmüller is a strong partner of public utilities such as Wien Energie, which are embracing the trend towards climate-friendly cooling options. This is why Kremsmüller was recently involved in the construction of an extraction station for river water on the Danube Canal close to the Schwedenbrücke. From here, the water is pumped to the cooling centre on the Stubenring before making its way through large pipelines in the Underground tunnels.

The technical equipment for the extraction station required an electrical room in which medium voltage, low voltage, control distributors and a UPS supply for the pumping station were installed. To house this, the steps leading down from the Schwedenbrücke to the riverbank promenade were extended.

Kremsmüller provided the filter, rake and pump chambers of the actual river water extraction station with measurement instrumentation, which was delivered, installed, wired, connected and put into operation with the technical machinery.

Since floods can occur several times a year, the technology was designed to ensure that a water level of up to 1.5 metres will not cause any damage and that operations can be resumed immediately afterwards.

Even more improbable scenarios were catered for.  If flammable vapours or gases from ships should ever enter from the canal, detectors will signal this immediately and the system will be shut down. In addition, large parts of the system have been installed with explosion protection in mind.

Unobtrusive exit to the river water extraction station

When visiting the Danube Canal, the extensive technology is hardly noticeable. Once the work was completed, the local graffiti community soon adapted the outer façade to fit in with the urban cityscape.  About 30 metres away, the entrance to the actual river water extraction station is equally inconspicuous. Only a few “manhole covers” advertise the descent to the technology room under the well-frequented cycle path.

For many years now, a team of specialists at Kremsmüller’s Schwechat base have been implementing I&C projects in the field of energy technology. This is how we are making a valuable contribution to the energy turnaround.

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