This major project is a matter of national security.

Digital radio BOS Austria Salzburg (blue light radio)

About 140 radio sites in the province of Salzburg were installed by the Kremsmüller telecommunications experts as general contractor on behalf of the government

“This major project is a matter of national security.” That’s no exaggeration. In the event of a disaster operation, authorities and blue-light organisations can access the BOS radio system.

The experts from Kremsmüller Telekommunikation have been working on the expansion of the BOS radio network since the beginning of 2016. Every year, important locations are added to make the radio network even more finely meshed and comprehensive. The government also relies on Kremsmüller experts for maintenance and service.

Success Story

Strong partners in times of crisis

Even in the crisis year 2020, the customer and thus also the public sector held on to Kremsmüller. Because when problems arise, you trust in strong partners you could count on in the past and on whom you can also rely to 100% in the future.

Locations in rough terrain

Around half of the new radio sites are completely new buildings in impassable mountainous regions and sometimes bring difficult conditions with them. Helicopter installations were necessary for around 45 of all the installations. In some cases, even the excavators had to be brought to the site by helicopter to set up the sites. In this video we give you a quick insight into the work of our professionals on the Zugspitze.