Effluent water heat pump
This heat pump can provide heat to 1000 single-family homes.

Valuable energy from effluent water

Using energy from effluent water is worthwhile. The heat pumps for the system were supplied by the experts from Kremsmueller.

The demands on a Norwegian remote heating plant had increased considerably in recent years. The urgently required capacity expansion work was entrusted to the experts from Kremsmueller.
For the project, an additional heat pump was manufactured, assembled and its piping was connected. It covers the increased requirement with a heating capacity of 11,460 kW and a cooling capacity of 9,500 kW. No less than 1000 single-family homes can thus be supplied in one stroke.
This powerful machinery weighs 84 tonnes, is 10 metres long and very nearly 5 metres high. A welding technologist oversaw and supported the entire project, since once again, the focus was on the very best quality. A week ahead of schedule, after an assembly period of 10 weeks, the new heat pump was successfully commissioned.
Heat pumps can be used for heating in winter and for cooling in summer. As a result, the investment, operation and maintenance are much more economical. In addition, de-centralised air-conditioning systems consume 10 times as much energy. For the provider, this form of remote heating is very lucrative. And consumers at the other end of the supply chain get the benefit of low energy costs.
Apart from the economical benefits, the system also has ecological advantages: effluent energy plants are sustainable and eco-friendly. Their energy balance sheet is significantly better and their emission of air pollutants is lower.
Manufacture of a heat pump
Final touches to the powerful heat pump.