Tank refurbishment, Kremsmueller
The upper part of the stacking tower is lifted out. The shutdown of the paper factory lasted one week. During this period, all work had to be entirely stopped.

Upkeep and refurbishment

The tanks and apparatus manufacturing division of Kremsmueller executes two refurbishment projects for paper factories

In a short period of one week each, the tank and apparatus building division of Kremsmueller executed two refurbishment projects to the complete satisfaction of the customer. For shutdowns, Kremsmueller can count on a valuable pool of decades of experience – to the benefit of the customers, in this case, two of the world’s leading paper manufacturers.

In one paper factory in the Czech Republic, what needed to be done was to replace the upper part of a 27-metre high stacking tower. Within 5 days, eighty tonnes of steel were dismantled and extracted. Subsequently, the new component, already prefabricated, including the roof, was lifted into place. All the platforms and the piping, as well as re-connection of the tank were included in the order.

Kremsmueller executed a second refurbishment project in the Upper Austrian town of Nettingsdorf. Here too, the division distinguished itself with quality work and efficient execution. In 6 days, the height of a tank was increased by 3.5 metres and a 20 tonne heat exchanger bundle was inserted. The tank was integrated in the ongoing operations of the paper factory immediately after completion.

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