Product pipes, process furnace OMV Kremsmueller shutdown
Product pipes for the furnace that needed the large-scale repairs.

Unexpected repairs during the “Turnaround”

Kremsmueller made an important contribution to a successful shutdown in the Schwechat Refinery – by carrying out a big repair task spontaneously

This case clearly illustrated how Kremsmueller scores with competence and experience. Despite an organisation, planning and preparation phase lasting several months, there arose a completely unforeseen problem: four tube plates in a process furnace of the crude oil distillation plant were irreparably damaged and had to be replaced. Thus, in addition to the tasked activities, Kremsmueller was simultaneously confronted with a large-scale repair of the furnace – one of the core parts of the plant. Kremsmueller achieved the impossible and repaired the furnace during the “turnaround” in just 19 days, two days before the promised date. A masterly achievement, which was only made possible by the high level of technical competence and the close networking with suppliers and customers: a special filler material tailored for the material of the plates had to be located within a short time; and it appeared not to be available anywhere in Europe in the beginning.

In addition, an annealing furnace was also required for the repairs; firstly, it needed to have the required size for the welded tube plates, and cover a temperature range up to 960 degrees. “Precious hours were saved during the repairs by applying a sophisticated production and logistics concept”, explains the project leader.

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OMV shutdown Turnaround Kremsmueller large-scale repair refinery, process furnace
The field of action: Schwechat refinery.