Junior director of the Group and the initiator of "Kremsmueller 4 Life", Mag. Gregor Kremsmueller (extreme right), among the nominees for the TRIGOS Austria.

TRIGOS Preis 2013

Acting with responsibility in all Corporate areas

After the finals of the TRIGOS State Prize of Upper Austria  in 2012, the social program Kremsmüller 4 Life has now been nominated for the 2013 national TRIGOS prize. Kremsmueller was involved in a neck-to-neck race with the top companies in Austria for the coveted CSR price of the WKO.

In selecting the competitors, the TRIGOS jury "considers it very important that the competitors do not just take up isolated projects, but that they also perceive their social responsibility as a company philosophy. With Kremsmueller 4 Life, the Kremsmueller Group creatively demonstrates how the guiding principle of social responsibility can implemented in new ways year after year."

Since 2006, the Kremsmueller Group has been supporting creative plans of social organisations and associations every year. The most varied and widely differing social projects are implemented in close cooperation and with plenty of involvement. Sustainability plays a big role here: as many people as possible must benefit from the support for as long as possible. 

This year is the eighth time that the TRIGOS prize is to be awarded. Out of 190 submissions, 27 companies were nominated for their outstanding social involvement.

Innovative social projects can apply for support for their projects in the framework of the Kremsmueller 4 Life program. You can read more on this at