Transporting the donations to Moldova
Franz Weingartner, Gottfried Hohneder, Rudolf Eder (from left) during the unloading of donations from the Kremsmueller transporter.

Transporting Donations 2017

As in previous years, Kremsmüller once again assisted the Red Cross by supplying a vehicle to transport donations to Moldova.

The fact that Kremsmüller has a sympathetic ear for social projects is also demonstrated by its repeated commitment to Moldova. The border region with Romania often lacks the simplest things, such as clothing, food, children’s items and toiletries.

This is why an association for the promotion of infrastructure in Moldova collects donations in kind every year. The Red Cross has been committed to this cause for many years and is hard at work collecting donations in kind all year long. In order to be able to transport the aid supplies to Moldova in one consignment, the Red Cross needed a suitable means of transport. Kremsmüller therefore gladly provided a small truck from its vehicle fleet for this relief operation.

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