Welding skills
The piping elements for the high-pressure water pipe were up to 65mm thick, with a diameter of about 3 metres.

Tonnes of Energy!

Hidden deep in the bowels of the mountains for environment-friendly generation of electricity: piping from Kremsmueller.

A successful power plant construction in Carinthia underscores the competence of Kremsmueller in this sector. This was a bit of a forerunner – despite the turbulence in the economy, the extensive investment programme of Kremsmueller is in full swing. These expansion plans centre around an equipment manufacturing division that will tackle the tough requirements of the energy industry.
Enormous forces are transmitted from the water column into the pipes of a power plant. It was necessary to withstand an operating pressure of up to 80 bar. Two branching elements needed special manufacturing know-how. The energy loss here was kept to a minimum using fluid engineering optimisation. An aspect that made especially stringent demands of the welding technology was that with the high-quality thermo-mechanical steels, every welding seam had to be perfect the first time.
All the common welding methods like tungsten inert gas welding, metal active gas welding, submerged arc welding and rod welding were employed. A total of  6,000 kg of welding filler were required for the prefabrication. No less than 68,000 electrodes were later used for the final assembly. The intake and discharge of the turbine as well as the reinforcing of the tunnel were planned, manufactured and installed in three sections.
533 tonnes of massive piping was delivered in time – at up to 2,300 metres above sea level and under the most extreme weather conditions.

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Assembly of the branching elements
The branching was so designed that the energy loss is negligible.
Delivery of the pipes
Freezing, wintry conditions - even during a construction phase in May.
Tunnel reinforcement
The reinforcement was mounted deep inside the rock under really rough conditions.