Sliding easily round the corner: A sophisticated conveyor solution from Kremsmueller made it possible.

Thinking out of the box

Inventiveness by order: Kremsmueller Krieglach develops plants and machinery that apparently contradict the Laws of Nature.

For a long time, a company based in Steiermark, involved in recycling organic waste, had struggled  with the costs and trouble in running the conveyor system. Used for generating energy, the biomass barrels are emptied and cleaned fully automatically. The operating company battled with an ill-conceived plant and high labour costs. Till it finally turned to Kremsmueller Industrieanlagenbau.
The team at the mechanical workshop in Krieglach planned the conveyor system afresh from the start, exhibiting a high level of inventiveness. The limited space in the plant had to be used optimally. For this purpose, a plastic conveyor belt had to go around corners – impossible with traditional  technology, since such a belt is shorter on the inner side than on the outer side. With an ingenious construction of drives and bearings, the experts from made the impossible possible.
The plant saved the operating company costs on a sustainable basis: after the modification, the company was able to reduce labour costs for the plant by two-thirds.
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