High-Speed. In the truest sense of the word.
Suppliers of high-speed must have a head for heights!

The Thrill of Speed

Kremsmueller Telekommunikationstechnik defines high-speed afresh

A leading cellular phone services provider entrusted the telecommunications engineers of Kremsmueller with the execution of a technological milestone. More specifically, the order was for the conversion of the 3G UMTS network to its successor, LTE.
At the moment, the specialists from Kremsmueller are feverishly at work on the installation of 250 new mobile transmission stations. Along with the planning, the most varied preparation and organisational work is going on for the mega-project. Some of the parameters and figures in the project are almost of Utopian scale, e.g. to date, 320 km of fibre-optic cable have been laid for the most varied mobile transmission masts. Moreover, 1050 antennas were installed and positioned afresh. This needs organisation, perfection and finesse.
Is this too much effort for fourth generation wireless? No. LTE (or 4G) means high-speed pure. The common 3G UMTS network provides a maximum download speed of 25 Mbit per second. The 4G system is capable of a speed of up to 100 Mbit per second. With 4G, a music title can be downloaded in 2 seconds. An HD film of average length would need less than 30 minutes to download.
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