construction site, steinhaus
Impressive capacity. The Steinhaus head office is expanding continuously.

The Steinhaus Construction Site

Once again, the head office of the Kremsmueller Group is being dominated by an ambitious investment program

The year 2012 has prepared a really hot autumn for the Steinhaus site. After the impressive new construction for the stores and the tank construction division, the building projects are to continue relentlessly this year as well.
Thus, the tank construction division is again expanding its capacities hugely. By Christmas 2012, almost 3,000m2 of new  production and office areas will be built. In addition, there will be a spectacular yard roofing of about 2,000m2 for safely storing materials, which are becoming increasingly more sensitive. Moreover, there will be an open-air storage of 15,000m2 that will be used as an intermediate store for products of the tank construction division.
For many years now, Kremsmueller has offered pickling as a service. For this flourishing business division, the area is being doubled to a total of 1,300m2. The automobile workshop of the company’s fleet is also being expanded by several square metres.
In a short time, X-ray testing will be possible round the clock. The materials testing division is being expanded with a bunker, 1,200m2 in size, with concrete walls up to 80cm thick. The division’s expansion will be rounded off by an additional approximately 600m2 of workshop and office space.
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