Noise reduction wall
A bird's eye view of the completed gas plant: The earth wall that surrounds the campus of the gas compression station served for noise reduction even during the construction phase.

The quietest gas plant in Austria

Kremsmueller demonstrates flexibility, know-how and inventiveness

The gas pipelines WAG and Penta West cross each other in the Upper Austrian town of Mühlviertel. There have already been two measurement stations in operation here in Neustift / Oberkappl for years – and since April 2011, there is also a compressor station. Among other things, this station increases the gas flow by 600,000 standard cubic metres every year.
Kremsmueller implemented the entire I&C technology for this new station. This required quite a degree of inventiveness and imagination – The noise from construction vehicles and installation work had to be reduced to an absolute minimum. An immense noise protection wall was erected from 54,000 cubic metres of earth. Special electric cranes were used instead of truck-mounted cranes. A road was asphalted for the approach to the construction site, far removed from the residential area. And night work was basically tabu anyway.
Electric turbines were installed and instrumented for this project instead of the usual gas turbines. The three compressors operate emission-free and have an output rating of 10 MW each. In addition, the Kremsmueller portfolio included the following work: supply and assembly of the field instrumentation, cable route expansion and cabling of the process apparatus, exterior lighting and process lighting, supply and assembly of the explosion-proof operating equipment, cable connection and commissioning, detailed planning of the distributor and cabling, a fire alarm system and a gas detection system.
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The transmitter protection boxes and frames as well as the process lighting and communications distributors were prefabricated at the Kremsmueller works.