Customer event
The production workshop at Steinhaus provided the perfect event location.

The Night of the Machines

Terrific customer event in Steinhaus: Industry meets Harley Davidson

The noise of motorcycles, the smell of petrol, burning torches, acrobatic show fillers and a band whose singers blasted out old, familiar rock classics in raw voices. That describes how spectacular "Die Nacht Der Maschinen (The Night of the Machines)" at Kremsmueller was.
The tank and apparatus production facility at Steinhaus was converted into the perfect event location for this purpose. The theme of the evening was not difficult to guess: machines, machines, machines. The guests found that they were seated surrounded by ultra-modern metal working machines.
The organisation team had set the technology-driven production in a context to Harley Davidson machines. The fusion of industrial und biker styles became the eyecatcher of the evening.
In addition, the guests were able to admire workpieces that had been perfectly blended in the setting, and at the same time, form an impression of the capabilities of the Kremsmueller Group.
Employees from all the branches of the Group looked after the guests, who quite obviously enjoyed the special atmosphere of the event location at Steinhaus.
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Band Night of the Machines
Slave To The Rhythm. The band members enjoyed their appearance.
Harley Davidson Night of the Machines
Superb visuals. The Harley Davidson motorcycles as a fixed part of the show.