scc kremsmueller
Safety-conscious thinking is firmly entrenched in the company culture of Kremsmueller. The company keeps accident numbers down to an absolute minimum with the best work equipment, and through training and measures like the Safety Board.

The goal is coming ever closer

“Zero accidents at work” is within touching distance for Kremsmueller, thanks to the pathbreaking measures.

Once again, the Kremsmueller Group passed the annual SCC audit with flying colours. In April 2013, all the divisions of the group were inspected for fulfillment of the SCC safety regulations. And Kremsmueller was definitively designated as "exemplary" by the inspection commission of TÜV Süd.

The SCC process has advantages for both the customer as well as the contractor. The customer can safely assume that certified companies have an effective safety management system. The contractor, for his part, can strengthen the profile of his services with respect to safety at work and the qualifications of the employees through an independent evaluation of the TÜV. 

Through a series of measures,  Kremsmueller was able to reduce the number of accidents at work in the past years by 75%. From 2012 to 2013, the number was once again reduced by a solid 20%. The goal of "Zero accidents at work" is coming ever closer.

The significant safety consciousness results, not least, in the high level of satisfaction of the employees at the workplace. This is confirmed by the various awards that are regularly conferred on the Kremsmueller Group.

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