Welding experts integrating the pipeline
To secure Italy's natural gas supply, Kremsmueller worked in shifts during the re-connection of a gas station.

The best joints…

…in the international natural gas sector are provided by Kremsmueller. Services from Kremsmueller have a leading role in transporting gas between the source and and consumer.

The Trans Austria Gasleitung (TAG) or Trans-Austria Gas Pipeline is an international pipeline system that has brought natural gas from Russia to Austria and Italy since the 1970s. The TAG has been continuously expanded during the last 40 years – a development process in which Kremsmueller has been involved for a long time. The TAG Loop II project was officially completed in 2008 after 7 years. During the celebrations, the customers once again praised the high quality work from Kremsmueller. And the outstanding operational safety record during this project provided yet more proof of the quality work by Kremsmueller.
But after the above project, the expansion work was carried out rapidly. In the course of the TAG Expansion IV project, 4 gas stations were renovated in 2008 – Arnoldstein, Baugarten, Grafendorf and Ruden. Kremsmueller supplied the instrumentation and control systems as well as the pipeline construction. Some of the re-connection work was carried out in shifts and in extreme weather conditions. Thanks to the excellent teamwork, the experts were even able to complete tasks ahead of schedule.
In future, too, the Kremsmueller company will bring its experience in the natural gas sector to bear once again. The preparations for a new compressor station in Weitendorf are already in full swing.
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TAG Expansion - integration of the Ruden gas station
Welding experts from Kremsmueller integrate the new pipe in the gas station at Ruden.