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The strongest press in Austria: developed by Kremsmueller

This workshop in the Styrian town of Krieglach, just 10 years old, has built a special reputation for itself: that of being a forge for ideas for impressive in-house innovations. The latest coup is Austria’s strongest oil press. With a pressing capacity of 365 tonnes, the stamping press extracts the last drop from oilseed, core and –fruit. To do so, this spectacular press brings twice as much pressure to bear as the traditional oil presses.
During the official trial pressing, the valuable and particularly universal linseed oil was obtained from linseed. The machine presses the valuable oil from the seeds fully automatically with a finely adjusted pressure. There are about 35 recipes stored for control. With plus-minus 2 bar accuracy, the machine then selects the correct pressure for whatever has to be pressed. As a result, the ingredients like fatty acids and vitamins and above all, the special taste are retained.
The oil gets discharged through the press sieve through 4000 conical holes with a diameter of 1.2 to 3.5 mm. Where normally the smell of lubricating oil dominates in Krieglach, , another fine, nutty aroma began to spread. The quality of the oil impressed the pressing masters of the customer. Just a few days later, the stamping press was installed in the oil mills of the customer.
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An important feature of the mega-press: sophisticated safety engineering