Kremsmueller hard coal-fired power plant
The new supply system in the power plant. On the left in the picture is the antifreeze tank with insulation and on the right, the diesel system with the service station of the facility.

Teamwork in the power plant

Kremsmueller builds top-class supply system

Kremsmueller was contracted by one of Germany’s biggest energy suppliers with the planning, manufacture and supply of a turnkey plant for providing diesel and antifreeze for a hard coal-fired power plant in Karlsruhe. The project interwove three different areas of competence of the Kremsmueller Group with one another: the classical plant construction, I&C and service station technology.

The antifreeze supply is required for storing the coal. To that purpose, the team installed a pumping and regulating station that transports the medium through a piping system DN 25 – DN 80 into the sprinkler system of the storage site. It is discharged there if there is a danger of freezing. The medium is stored in a double-walled tank made of PE-100 wrapped tubes. 

For the diesel plant that the customer uses for filling the works vehicles, the team brought the German subsidiary Saxs-Tank into the game. The service station engineers installed a diesel dispensing pump including all the equipment. The I&C of the system, such as the integration of the automatic pump and the apparatus for filled level measurement was handled by the I&C engineering department of Kremsmueller. 

Apart from the technology, the process engineering and the provision of the required equipment, Kremsmueller, as the general contractor, also coordinated the construction processes. The supply system was also installed by Kremsmueller technical personnel.

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