Loading means Tandemhub
A 38-ton vaporizer for the paper industry was transferred via tandem hoists.

Tank Convoy

Tank construction in Steinhaus stands out not only because of quality products, but also because of impressive logistics…

…as it did when arrangements were made for a heavy transport. At 8 p.m. sharp two truck convoys, loaded with tanks weighing up to 38 tons and carefully sealed to protect them from contaminants, had to be ready to leave. The remarkable tanks and apparatus from the production facility at Kremsmueller’s headquarters in Upper Austria have diameters of up to four meters and lengths of 18 meters. Loading and unloading required up to two 100-ton cranes, where every millimeter had to be precisely calculated to ensure a timely departure.
Three of the tanks had a roughly 300-kilometer trip ahead of them. Two other tanks were installed during the same night yet at a major company in the paper industry.
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Impressive convoy
Accompanied by escort vehicles, the trucks leave the premises of the plant in Steinhaus.
Tank Convoy in Steinhaus
The imposing convoy left on time.
Tank Convoy in Steinhaus
The transport was prepared in due time before departure.