Porsche Weissach
The filling station in the development centre of Porsche is designed for seven different types of fuel.

Taken off!

KTT-SAXS joined the race for Porsche.

Two years ago, the German company Saxs Tank was merged into the Kremsmueller Group. Under its new name of  KTT SAXS, this expert in service station technology and special systems is expanding the portfolio of KTT (Kremsmueller Tankstellentechnik). These specialists in the automotive sector brought with them a great deal of know-how. The KTT experts, from the Bavarian town of Dietersheim, will now prove themselves in one of the first tests under the new flag for the automobile builder Porsche.
There was a lot that needed to be done in the development centre in Weissach near Stuttgart: securing the fuel supply for 35 engine test beds, setting up an AdBlue filling station, building seven new underground storage tanks, equipping the pump house with systems for seven different types of fuel and laying five kilometres of stainless steel pipes.
The KTT SAXS worked according to the highest safety standards. Another well-known attribute of the Kremsmueller Group was also demonstrated by KTT SAXS during this project: Flexibility. The customer changed the requirements and the scope of the project several times.– Nonetheless, KTT SAXS met all the deadlines on time.
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