Uwe Kettmann (r.) has been auditing Kremsmueller from the beginning. He is seen here with safety expert Rudolf Raberger.

Striving for safety for 20 years

Exactly 2 decades ago, the first SCC audit was carried out for the Kremsmueller branch in Leipzig

Shortly thereafter, the regime was expanded to cover the Steinhaus head office as well as other locations and subsidiaries. The SCC certificate was and is the foundation of the impressively positive developments in the matter of safety.

“One significant success of the last 20 years has been the drastically lowered accident numbers. The consistent, purposeful efforts to test and use new, improved personal protection equipment has also contributed to this development. Particular attention is also paid to the exchange of experiences after critical situations”, says Auditor Uwe Kettmann. This dialogue is honoured with the safety and environment prizes. They are awarded every year to employees who make a special contribution for more safety or improvements in the field of environment protection, and draw attention to dangerous or unsafe situations.

The SCC certification system (Safety Certificate Contractors) is one of the most well-known regimes in respect of safety at work, and for certified companies, it signifies safety, health and environment protection of a high level. The inspection system was developed in 1994 by the petrochemicals industry and since then, has also established itself in many other sectors.

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