Sigrid Reingruber is autistic. She can express her emotions only in pictures, and since 1995, she has painted almost 400 of them every year.

Star of the Journey through Art

A prominent artist along Kremsmueller 4 Life’s “Journey through Art”.

The famous art prize „Euward" for differently challenged persons was awarded in Munich to Sigrid Reingruber. More than 500 studios from 24 countries in Europe competed for the prize. The art workshop of the Lebenshilfe organisation in Gmunden was actually nominated twice.
Last year, this studio for differently challenged persons with very special abilities created many thousand miniature works of art for the „Kremsmüller 4 Life" Journey through Art. Sigrid Reingruber is one of the artists who participated in this unique art project. The mysterious pictures of this autistic artist always show circles with an impressive effect.
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