Tank dismentling, Kremsmueller
Narrow space conditions: The old ammonia tank had to be dismantled between piping, apparatuses and steel structures.

Speed and flexibility

As demonstrated by the tank construction and assembly team of Kremsmueller

An old ammonia tank in a chemical company had to be replaced. Since the tank is indispensable for the production and every day of standstill involves huge costs, the replacement had to take place in an extremely short time. 

For the Kremsmueller team, it was the classical industrial plant obstacle course. The tank was located in the middle of the plant. It was surrounded by numerous pipes, other apparatus, platforms and steel structures. The narrow space conditions, coupled with enormous time pressure, was a huge challenge. 

The individual parts of the new 15-tonne tank had to be brought in position after the pre-fabrication. To achieve that, the engineers built an insertion ramp. Thereafter, the parts were welded and subjected to a colour-penetration and X-ray test. In just five days, the new ammonia tank was completely installed and welded. 

The non-destructive material test confirmed the high quality of the weld seams. Despite the high stress, the project was successfully completed entirely without any reworking.
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Column assembly, Kremsmueller
Next, a 4.5 metre high column was lifted and placed on the ammonia tank. The narrow space conditions and the tremendous time pressure took a lot out of the team.
Delivery of the tanks, Kremsmueller
The parts of the new 15–tonne container were supplied to the premises of the customer.