Southern side of the headquarters premises in Steinhaus
The new central stores of Kremsmueller getting the final touches.

Spectacular Central Stores

Kremsmueller quadruples warehousing capacity and gets ready for large projects.

A new central stores will be inaugurated in the campus of the headquarters of Kremsmueller in autumn. The new building has 1,800 m² available for tools and equipment. Plenty of space was also kept aside for the ongoing inspection and repairs of the equipment – because optimum equipment is a key requirement for the success of a project. In addition, a modern logistics concept ensures that large construction sites can be kept supplied with tools and equipment more efficiently.

To become a key supplier of the power plant industry, Kremsmueller has also hugely expanded the apparatus and tank building facilities. The production shops, now more than 5,000 m² in size, are unequalled in Austria. Ultra-modern and ergonomically equipped, the new production facility will have paid for itself with the first few projects.
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Tank construction
Already complete: The new tank and apparatus manufacturing facility in Steinhaus near the city of Wels.