children's village: handover of tools
The children from the Poettsching children's village proudly show off their new tools. Also in the picture, Mag. Gregor Kremsmueller and head of the children's village Angela Hartl. Last row: qualified social education worker Martin Rupp and Kremsmueller's stores manager Franz Wiesinger.

Shining children’s eyes

Poettsching children’s village gets a special present

For a long time, there was a wish, in the children’s village in the community of Poettsching in the state of Burgenland, to convert the tool shed into a workshop for the village. The team from Kremsmueller 4 Life thus made its way to Poettsching. What it also carried in its baggage: a complete set of machine tools.
Kremsmueller then applied their many years of know-how in matters of quality tools. Today, the village has a workshop that could be the envy of any professional: two workbenches, an electric planer, various small tools, a hand drilling machine and, not least, an inert gas welding machine with any number of accessories. The carefully matched set of tools was selected to tailor to the requirements of the children’s village.
Repairs in the village can now be carried out in no time. The children are  trained in handling the tools by their caregiver supervisors. They can now be active and creative in making things, and also have a meaningful hobby. Moreover, many of the youth get a meaningful preparation for professional life. With this sustainable project, Kremsmueller 4 Life has once again completely achieved its objectives.
There are 70 children between the ages of 3 and 17 in Poettsching children’s village. They come from different, mostly sad, backgrounds, and do not grow up with their families. To ensure that these children nonetheless get a good start in life, the caregivers in the children’s village work with tireless commitment.
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