The pump support stools at the oil field fetch the black gold from a depth of up to 3,000m.

Round the clock…

…the service team of Kremsmueller is in action for ensuring reliability of the oil supply.

Since a year, Kremsmueller has been successfully carrying out comprehensive maintenance services in the oil field for an Austrian oil group. Pump support stools and mechanical equipment are constantly kept in shape by the industrial experts, to ensure security of the supply.
Welding, grinding, oil change… Kremsmueller once again proves its service capabilities as a complete provider. Thanks to an extensive range of machines, almost everything is done directly at the site – and that too, with 24/7 service readiness.
Almost all turning and milling work is carried out in the mechanical workshop of Kremsmueller. Since its opening 10 years ago, Kremsmueller has continuously invested in the impressive machine shop in Krieglach. Today, the Styrians are experts in high-precision machining, one-off manufacture and very small batches.
There’s more on the mechanical workshop of Kremsmueller  here.
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high-precision mechanical working
The cyclically controlled lathe machines parts that are up to 4,000mm long.