Piping and tanks
State-of-the-art extraction of resources.

Resources from Upper Austria

Steinhaus-based pipeline construction division supplied the pipes for carrying domestic resources

Up to 50,000 tonnes of crude oil and 30 million m3 of natural gas are to be carried every year in the region between Sierning and Bad Hall (Upper Austria). For this project, Kremsmueller supplied 36 km of connecting pipes between the discharge points and the central treatment plant.

For almost 7,425 hours, men and machinery from Kremsmueller were in action over hill and dale along the route of the pipeline. During this time, labour safety was always in the foreground, so that the project was executed without any accidents even with that large number of total hours worked.

By exploiting local resources, the dependency on foreign suppliers can be significantly reduced. While the natural gas is supplied to the local industry, trade and commerce, the pumped crude oil, after being treated, is processed into diesel, petrol, plastic, cosmetics and medicines.
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The course of the pipeline
Perfect symbiosis between the countryside and the latest technology.
Construction of the pipeline
Exploitation of domestic resources means more freedom and less dependence on imports.